dancing class for kids, St. Paul

Variety Dance Class for ages 6-9

Ages: 6 - 9
Class Type: dance
Level: all

Learn a variety of styles including Broadway Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Tumbling, and more...
When can I start?
Now enrolling for our June session: Click Register for more information

Sep 7th - Jun 28th
5:50pm - 6:50pm
$65 month

What do I wear to this class?
Uniform: Order shoes in studio, we will size you on your first day, Leotard and tights, shorts or skirt or capri leggings

What are all of the fees involved?
Annual Registration fee: $40/student for the year
Monthly Tuition: $65/month
Recital Costume fee: $14/month (may need to be caught up for late starts)
Recital fee: TBD due May 15 (last year $130 all inclusive with unlimited tickets, DVD, T-shirt, and award)

What can I expect on our first day?

What about Dance-N-Magic attracted you?
“Location, family feel.”
What were some hesitations you had about enrolling in dance classes?
“Price, commitment.”
What were your results after you enrolled?
“Positive. Have been here for 6 years.”
Would you recommend Dance-N-Magic?
“Yes. I always do.”