5 Stress Relieving Tips for making Busy Evenings Fun and Enjoyable!

Sometimes I feel like a taxi driver, getting my kids to and from their activities on time. It can be stressful to try to fit everything in and do homework too. I have these 5 stress relieving tips for making your busy evenings easy and enjoyable.

One… Use the crock pot. The fix it and forget it technique of meal prep has really improved. The crockpot hasn’t changed, but over the years other wonderful busy moms have tested and compiled yummy new recipes! I personally love the Chicken Taco Chili from skinnytaste.com , it takes me about 10 min of meal prep, and then we come home to a wonderful warm meal. You can find tons of recipes on various websites, have fun searching!

Two… Pre-Pack Snacks. Let’s face it, active kids need to snack often to have all that energy. Get snack portion zip lock baggies or reusable containers. Once a week (I like Sunday afternoons after grocery shopping) take a few minutes to pre-portion snacks. Like baby carrots, strawberries, or crackers. Then when you’re about to head out the door after the kids come home from school, all you have to do is grab a few and go. Pre-portioned ones like cheese sticks and applesauce work great too!

Three… Carpool or See if early drop offs or late pick ups are ok. Trying to be several places at the same time? Yes, I’ve had to be at dance rehearsal with one child and gymnastics practice with the other. First, if the times are close enough or the locations are near, ask the front desk staff if it would be possible to drop one child off a little early or pick up another child a little late. Often they are very accommodating depending on the child’s maturity level as long as it doesn’t interfere with their opening and closing hours. If that isn’t a possibility, it would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know the other families by asking for a carpool or ride home. It feels great to help others when you can and it also can help form friendships.

Four… Read in the car. Homework time is important too. We use all of that driving time to get in their reading minutes. We put down the electronics and get out a book. I try to keep a few in the car at all times just in case, but when the kids really dive into a particular series of books they like to carry it with them everywhere.

Five… Enjoy watching and supporting your kids. They grow up so fast and now is your opportunity to sit back and watch them enjoy learning and growing in their various activities. Make sure to take the opportunity once in a while to observe class. Enjoy attending the performances. Let them know how proud you are of them for trying their best at that activity. It’s those moments that let them feel supported and loved.

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