How to choose a dance studio for your child in 5 easy steps

Looking for a dance studio for your child? There are a lot of choices out there these days. This article will help you choose the best one for your family.

Step 1, Find your choices
Ask friends and family what studios they would recommend in your area. Google “dance studio” and your city and state to see a list of choices.

Step 2, Get to know them online
Look through their website for information. Scroll through their facebook page. Read their blog articles. Get a good feeling of what kind of studio they are and their values.

Step 3, Do they align with your family values?
You will want to choose a school that aligns with your family values. If you don’t believe in sexualizing young children, don’t bring them to the studio that features children in 2 piece dance costumes shaking their booty on their website. Bring them to the studio that has family friendly choreography and costuming. If you believe in a child being able to have good grades in school and be well rounded in multiple activities, don’t bring them to a studio that boasts about their top award winning competition teams. That shows that particular studio values winning competitions with 20 hour a week practice schedules for young students. You will want to choose a studio that has their dancers practice a reasonable amount of time per week that is developmentally appropriate for them. If you value instilling kindness in your child, choose a studio that does volunteer work and community outreach.

Step 4, Tour the studio or attend a free trial class
Once you’ve gotten to know a studio online, it’s time to get to know them in person. Most studios offer a free trial class and/or welcome you to schedule a tour of the studio. Email or call them to set one up at a time that is convenient to you. If you’re looking at a particular class, try to schedule it during that class. During your tour decide if you think the studio would be a good fit for your family. Here are some questions that should be answered during your tour:
What is your schedule and class openings?
What is the best class for your child to start in?
How long are your sessions and when are the performances?
What levels are available for my child and how do they progress through the levels?
If you have multiple children, ask about a family discount?
What should they wear and bring to their first class?

Step 5, Decide on a class
After you have all of your information and know that a particular studio is a good fit for your family, choose a class that works for your schedule. Consistency is key. You will want to choose a class that you can attend on a regular basis. If none of the classes work for your schedule, talk with the studio and see if they can find one that is a good fit. They are happy to help.

About Dance-N-Magic:
Dance-N-Magic is a Family Friendly Dance and Music studio located in St. Paul, MN. We feature classes for ages 1.5-100! Our specialty is educating and inspiring children to believe in themselves and do good in their community. We offer a free trial class to any new student interested in learning more!
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